General Meetings


June Member’s Social
Date: Thursday, June 20, 2024
Time: Noon – 2:00 PM

Sunrise Ridge Resort
1175 Resort Drive, Parksville

May 16, 2024
General Meeting Demo

Jack Duckworth

April 18, 2024
General Meeting Demo

Melinda Wilde

Demo photos by Bev Simpson

March 21, 2024
General Meeting Demo

Diane Michelin

Completed Demo Painting – watercolour by Diane Michelin

Diane Micheline demo photos by Bev Simpson

February 15, 2024
General Meeting Demo

Elissa Athony

Elissa Anthony

January 18, 2024
General Meeting


November 18, 2023
General Meeting Demo

Carla Flegel

October 18, 2023
General Meeting Demo

Debra Hagen

Debra Hagen – photo by L. Orriss

September 21, 2023
General Meeting Demo
John Nemeth
Bonnie Luchtmeijer
Karena Albert
Rosemary Park

May 18, 2023
General Meeting Demo

Joe Enns

April 20, 2023
General Meeting Demo

Sarah Boileau

Sarah Boileau, Painting on Driftwood in Oil demo

March 16, 2023
General Meeting Demo

Bonnie Stebbings

February 16, 2023
General Meeting Demo

Terri Bowen

January 19, 2023
General Meeting Demo

Susan White, AFCA

Susan White’s Demo Pastel Painting – Finished!
Susan White, AFCA Pastel Demo

November 17, 2022
Annual General Meeting Demo

Clare Turcott

Finished Demo collage “Rugged Shore” by Clare Turcott
Clare Turcott Demo – photo by Sylvie Bart

October 20, 2022
Annual General Meeting Demo

Cindy Mawle

Cindy Mawle, Demo Artist October 20/22

September 15, 2022
Annual General Meeting Demo

Willow Friday, Iron Oxide

Willow Friday, Iron Oxide. Demo artist, September 15/22

May 19, 2022
Annual General Meeting Demo

Diane Michelin

Diane Michelin created this beautiful watercolour painting during her demo at our AGM.

Watercolour painting by demo artist Diane Michelin
Diane Michelin – Watercolour demo at the MAC

April 21, 2022
General Meeting Demo

Dianne Nelson

Our April 21st meeting was well attended and we greatly enjoyed Dianne Nelson‘s demonstration of how she paints with special acrylics on silk. Dianne sent a photo of her beautifully finished painting for us to enjoy.

By Dianne Nelson – final demonstration, acrylic on silk
Dianne Nelson
Dianne Nelson

March 17, 2022
General Meeting Demo

Julia Lucich

Julia Lucich entertained our group with a wonderful demonstration of how she skillfully paints with palette knives. Her lovely sense of humour and stories of how her series “The Pooka Project” and “Party Animals” came to be had us all smiling.

Julia Lucich demo
Photo by Sandy Trafananko
Julia Lucich demo
Photo by Sandy Trafananko

January 20, 2022
General Meeting Demo

Marilyn Riopel

Marilyn Riopel treated our group to an amazing demonstration of her skill with alcohol inks. It was obvious how much she enjoyed playing with the inks and experimenting with the effects she is able to achieve using alcohol, alcohol blending solutions, hair dryers, pipettes and other tools. Marilyn has generously provided us with notes summarizing what inks she uses, some of her tools and how to frame finished works. These notes will be emailed to DeCosmos members.

Marilyn Riopel photo courtesy Sandy Trafananko
Watching Marilyn’s demo from home on Zoom

‘Cabbage Roses’ by Marilyn Riopel. Alcohol Ink.

Check out more of Marilyn Riopel’s work under the Featured Artist section of this website.

DECEMBER 9, 2021
General Meeting Demo

Bonnie Luchtmeijer entertained our group at the MAC with an amazing presentation of everything gold from her store, Qualicum Art Supply & Gallery. (Simultaneously streamed on Zoom).


Pastel demonstration by Faith Love-Robertson at the MAC (simultaneously streamed on Zoom)