Laura Hesse

I completed my first illustrated children’s book last summer and released it in print locally in November at my first Christmas show at the Bradley Centre.

It took me about 3 months to complete the series of 10 folk art/abstract style paintings based on a children’s short story I penned. My ‘horse’ friends and family urged me to do the series and I am  glad I listened to them. I sold a hundred of the The Red Princess books plus cards based on the paintings at the 3 local Christmas shows I did. I also sold 2 of the original paintings. The book was well received. I currently sell The Red Princess on Amazon in e-book and print formats.  

It is definitely easier to release a fiction series than to put your art out there, but the response has been positive so I plan on narrating the audiobook to go with it and possibly do the paintings for another of my series, The Unicorn Daze Series, which is currently not illustrated.

Here is a link: