Featured Artists: Donna, Francine & Juanita

Donna Noble – DeCosmos President

‘Walk to Heaven’ by Donna Noble’

My name is Donna Noble, and I retired to Vancouver Island in 2016. My first experience with painting was in high school; it was here that I realized that I wanted to paint again. I work mainly in acrylics, but am planning to move to oils in the future. I am greatly influenced by our beautiful Island. I believe an artist is something that one is born to be. I continue to self learn by trial and error.

Francine Street – DeCosmos 1st Vice President

‘Ben’ by Francine Street

Francine Street is best known for her realistic style. She is inspired by a broad range of inspiration for her creativity. What remains constant is her enjoyment from drawing detailed wildlife images and the challenges of drawing or painting figurative works from life.

Francine has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Growing up in a rural community on Vancouver Island, her childhood was spent outdoors surrounded by the forest and the Salish Sea. More recently, travel and the resulting experiences in different landscapes and cultures, have greatly influenced her. 

Francine also organizes life drawing sessions locally, teaches, is Vice President of the DeCosmos Fine Arts Society, and has an Active Membership status with the Federation of Canadian Artists. 


‘Still Life with Garlic and Onions’ by Francine Street
‘Still Life with Apples’ by Francine Street

Juanita Kehler – DeCosmos 2nd Vice President

‘Always Moving’ by Juanita Kehler

Born and raised in Southern British Columbia, I spent many hours turning anything I could put my hands on into art. After graduating with a Degree in Art and Communications, I worked as a Graphic Artist for 35 years and retired to Vancouver Island. My main interest has been painting, felting, papermache and exploring Vancouver Island.

“To me my art is my oxygen; when I am creating something, I feel alive.”

‘Backyard Visitor’ by Juanita Kehler
‘Spring Has Bloomed’ by Juanita Kehler