Featured Artist – Valerie Giles

‘Oliver Twist Winery Truck’, acrylic by Valerie Giles
‘Abandoned’, acrylic by Valerie Giles

I started painting when I was young and in fact had a piece on display at the Ontario Parliament buildings one year as I lived in that province when I was school aged.

I continued to paint until university interrupted my focus, but resumed it after graduation with a Medical Laboratory degree. 

I recall several plein air sessions in West Vancouver through the 70s.

Alas, marriage, children, my career and later senior care served to interrupt my creativity again. In other words, life got in the way!

I did graphic design as a career in my later years and taught various software courses and colour theory at BCIT until I retired.

‘Forever Sisters’, acrylic by Valerie Giles

After a 35 year hiatus, I once again picked up my paint brushes and began. That was 2012. I haven’t put them down since, although covid did slow me down a bit. After 2-3 years of acrylic work, I branched into oils. This is the medium I paint in the most now, although I often do my preliminary layers in acrylics. As I empty each paint tube, it gets replaced with water soluble oils, Cobra brand. They are creamy and buttery and I love working in them. The colours are yummy!

I do old buildings, landscapes and experiment with portraits. Trying to loosen up is always my challenge.

I love colour. Lots of riotous colours. And my perspective is often off. I blame this on my eyesight. But it works! Sometimes!

I am a juried artist and Active member of the Arrowsmith FCA, and a member of DeCosmos Fine Art Society.

‘Abandoned Railcar’, acrylic by Valerie Giles