Featured Artist – Sharon Brocklesby

Artist Sharon Brocklesby
‘The Prairie Clouds’, 16″ x 20″, by Sharon Brocklesby

My husband Lea and I moved to this beautiful part of the world 5 years ago. We live overlooking the Parksville beach.

The photo of me was taken at Terri Bowen’s backyard workshop. Elissa Anthony encouraged  me  in acrylics with vivid clear colors and Lloyd Major and Judy Maxwell with oils and texture.  My work is inspired by the awesome beauty of the Salish Sea, the giant old growth towering trees, and the quiet beauty just outside my window.

‘Poppy’, 20″ x 24″, by Sharon Brocklesby
‘Ocean’, 30″ x 39″, by Sharon Brocklesby
‘Inlet Sunrise’, 30″ x 39″, by Sharon Brocklesby