Featured Artist – Marilyn Riopel, FCA Active Member

‘Sunrise’ by Marilyn Riopel, Alcohol Ink



My paintings are often a surprise to me.  I select some colours to work with then starting, I allow my hand to make marks where it wants to, often accompanied by music.  When mark making is concluded, I lay on colours and forms then see what must go where.  Whether a subject becomes suggested or it’s an abstract, I strengthen the composition and allow a symbiosis between my aesthetic soul and conscious intention.

As the piece is developing, I photograph the image to gain distance and make changes as I see it.  This back and forth continues until it’s nearly finished.  Then let it sit, study it from time to time, adding or adjusting until I’m satisfied.

‘We Have All the Water That We Need’ by Marilyn Riopel, Alcohol Ink

PROFESSIONAL HISTORY   ~ Growing up in New York City I studied art at the Art Students League, The New School and New York University.   Selling art around the Circle in the Square, sketching portraits on sunny days I acquired purchasers until I married and had a family.  Emigrating to Vancouver, I  revived my art life.  Took a term of art at UBC and joined the Federation of Canadian Artists selling through their gallery and other galleries in the city and in Vancouver Park.  Painting mostly in watercolours and acrylics, my subjects were mostly of the natural beauty which was quite a change from New York.  

Life shifted as I remarried and moved to Northern Canada. Had a solo show in the Fort St.John Art Centre showing paintings of the beauty of the Peace River.  Retiring to Qualicum I joined the Arrowsmith FCA and showed in their exhibitions in addition to Vancouver’s exhibitions.  Had a solo show in The Old Schoolhouse in Qualicum, exhibiting mostly brilliantly coloured pastels and earned an award from the Vancouver FCA.  Will be having a show at The MacMillan Art Centre in November and December, 2022.  

As the Pandemic exploded into our lives, an artist friend suggested I try alcohol inks as my love for dramatic colour was dominating my work now.  At the first try, I fell in love with the medium as its saturated colour allows me to express my temperament. I am finally at home now (or not)!

My art is owned in businesses, government buildings and residences in the US, Western Europe and Canada and would be delighted if you chose a piece to take home.   Free Shipping.

‘Trickle Down’ by Marilyn Riopel, Alcohol Ink

“We Have All the Water That We Need”   Alcohol Ink  was an ironic title for the FCA 80th Exhibition.  I explained my concern over the weather anomalies that are occurring from the abuse of our earth.)

Two more alcohol inks will be shown in the Vancouver FCA Gallery in their Ten Squared Exhibition and “Sunrise” will be in their Works on Paper Exhibition in 2022.