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The De Cosmos Library cabinet will be open at the monthly meeting and during the Tuesday Open Studio. The librarians are Ann Tardiff and Ann Campbell. Books and magazines can be taken out on the “honour system” and should be returned in a month so that other members can have access. Please make a note of your borrowings in the record book provided in the library cabinet. Current library holdings are given in the library index below.

Donations to the library can be made at any time. If you wish to donate books or magazines provide details to the librarian beforehand. Due to the limited storage space that we have available it will be necessary for the executive directors to “jury in” any acquisitions.


DeCosmos subscribes to International Artist. Please sign out current or recent issues of this magazine and please keep them for no longer than one week in order to allow others to enjoy them while they are fresh. The library is always open during Open Studio time on Tuesdays.

There are many other magazines in the collection as well, too numerous to list, which do not need to be signed out, but please remember to return them. They include various issues of the following:

  • American Artist.
  • American Art Reviews.
  • Artists & Illustrators.
  • Canadian Art.
  • Leisure Painter.
  • Southwest Art.
  • Watercolor Magic.
  • Watercolor.
  • The Artist’s Magazine
  • Art in America

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Walter Foster Publications as follows:
#8 Landscapes
#9 How to Draw & Paint Seascapes
#15 Portraits in “Oils” by Stella Mackie
#21 Sculpturing by D, Mazzone
#24 Comic Characters
#29 Perspective Drawing
#55 More Trees (book #2) by Frederick J. Garner
#66 How Robert Wood paints Landscapes & Seascapes
#69 Chinese Painting
#70 The Cats in Action by Walter J.Wilwerding
#75 Flowers
#81 How to Begin Painting for Fun by Fedelle
#95 Art Materials
#98 How to Paint Boats by Ralph S. Coventry
#99 How to Draw & Paint Animal Impressions by Walter J. Wilwerding.(2 copies)
#100 Oil Painting
#101 Painting Sunsets by Violet Parkhurst
#102 Painting People & Places in Oil, Acrylic & Watercolor by Ralph Hulett
#121 Acrylic Painting Polymer (2 copies)
#126 So You Want Snow Scenes To Paint by Mannie Gonsalves
#128 Chinese Painting by the Chows, watercolor medium
#129 The Magic of Flower Painting by Nan Greacen
#136 Southeast U.S.A.
#153 Painting of the Sea by Frederick Waugh
#162 The Magic of Oil Painting by W. Alexander
#168 Painting The Four Seasons by Carl Stricker
#184 Cats and Kittens
#186 Adventures in Acrylics & Oils by Bob Bates
#188 Painting Water & Weather by Charles L. Cochrane
#195 How To Improve Your Painting by Dorothy Dunnigan
#223 Introduction to Life Drawing
#238 Portraits in Oil (4 copies)
#239 The Old West

Grumbacher Publications, as follows:

#B-367, The Art of Still Life Painting
# B413, Sumi-E Painting
#B 414, Painting Wild Animals
#??, Landscape Painting
#DA-7, Realistic Still Life Painting in the Style of Ann Kingstar
Palette Talk Pamphlets:
#24 #26 #31 #41
#51 #68 #80
Frederick Garner Series:
#3, How to Draw Trees
#45 Designs

Bill Alexander Series:
TV 2, Heavy Seas
TV 9, After The Storm
TV 42, Midnight Poppies
WA 1, Mountain Lake
WA 5, Giant Redwoods
WA 6, Snow Scene
WA 10, Old Macdonalds
The Art of Bill Alexander and Lowell Spears. Wet-on-wet Oil Painting Series 1
The Art of Bill Alexander and Lowell Spears. Wet-on-wet Oil Painting Series 5

Abrams Series booklets:
Degas, 1952
Picasso, 1954
Van Gogh, incomplete

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DVDs & Videos


Splashing Paint by John Lovett


Color Series with Tom Hudson (3 sessions)
Painting Floral Still Life by Joyce Pike (#11-12).
Painting Outdoor Scenes & Art by Joyce Pike.
Contemporary Art in Canada, part 1 & 2 – Emily Carr School of Art , Fall 1987.
The Colourmen – a journey through the fascinating history of Artists’ colours. Stobert Oils. Paulson Oils. Tom Lynch – from book #3 soft light – falling leaves (1996)
One video with three programs: Creative Art Workshop with Sam Black, Conversations with Marion Moore & Sam Black, Art Explored.The Inspriation of Painting (Acrylic) by Jerry Yarnell.Watercolor Painting: Letting It Happen Part 1 Wet and Spontaneous. by Judy Howard
Watercolor Painting: Letting It Happen Part II Taming the Wet Medium. by Judy Howard
Watercolor in Action. Responding to Nature by G.F. Brommer
Imaging in Watercolor by G.F. Brommer
Exploring Watercolor From Location to Studio. By G.F. Brommer
Color for the Artist, by Steven Quiller
Three Hour Workshop by Bob Ross
The Inspiration of Painting in Oil by Jerry Yarnell
Flower Painting by Bob Ross


1 Toulouse Lautrec Jean Adhemer
2 Masterpieces of Art
3 Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Betty Edwards
4 Screen Painting on Fabric V. Searle
5 Drawing Ships J. Worsley. 1962
6 Images Paintings Len Gibbs
7 Sketching and Painting Outdoors Adrian Hill. 1963
8 Basic Drawing Raphael Ellender. 1964
9 The Beginner’s Book of Oil Painting Adrian Hill. 1966
10 Heads, Features and Faces Bridgeman. 1962
11 The Art of America in the Gilded Age Shirley Glubok. 1974
12 Trompe L’Oeil at Home K.S. Chambers
13 Watercolour, Guache & Casein Adolfe Dehn
14 Prairie Skies Courtney Milne
15 Watercolours Parramon & Fresquet. 1974
16 Flower Painting for Beginners Kenneth Jameson. 1968
17 How to Paint in Watercolours A. Hill. 1967
18 The Joy of Painting Volume 9 Bob Ross
19 The Magic of Painting II Alexander. 1981
20 The Magic of Painting Volume IV Alexander
21 The Magic of Oil Painting Revised Alexander. 1959
22 Sand & Surf B.J. Cook
23 Memories in Mini Priscilla Hauser
24 Introduction to Painting Flowers Elizabeth Harden
25 Painting T. Pagnatti
26 The Art of Pencil Drawing Ernest Watson
27 Watercolor: Wet Technique Arthur Barbour
28 C.M. Russel Museum General Mills Foundation
29 Birds of West Coast, Volume 2 Landsdowne
30 Birds of West Coast, Volume 1 Landsdowne
31 Cezanne – Pocket Book Rousseau. 1953
32 Botticelli: a Pocket Library of Great Arts Fontana. 1953
33 Starting to Paint in Oils John Raynes. 1967
34 Painting Nature’s Hidden Treasures Zoltan Szabo. 1987
35 Simpler Times Thomas Kincade. 1996
36 Painting as a Pastime Rt. Hon. Winston S. Churchill. 1950
37 John Goulds Birds A.W. Publishers
38 Legacy Eric Sloane. 1979
39 Pastel for Beginners E. Savage. 1970
40 The Teacher of Landscape Painting,
a Course of Instruction
D. Campana. 1944
41 The Arts in Canada (Dept of Citizenship & Immigration). 1957
42 Sculpturing D. Mazzone. 1994
43 Working With Oils Battershill.
44 Canada with Love Lorraine Monk
45 Wet Watercolor Wilfred Bull
46 Goya – Life and Work of the Artist M. Arbruzzese. 1967
47 The Natural Way to Draw Kimon Nicolaides. 1941
48 How to Draw & Paint Henry Glasser. 1972
49 The Life & Times of Rembrant Hendrik Willem van Loon
50 Watercolour Sketching Out of Doors Wilkinson. 1960
51 Paintbox on the Frontier – The Life and Times
of Geo Caleb Bingham
Albert Wilson Constant. 1974
52 Fundamentals of Watercolor Leonard & Richards & J. Littlejohns
53 Oil Painting as a Pastime John Wynne-Morgan. 1959
54 The Magic of Line Bradshaw. 1949
55 The Animal Family Randall Jarrell. 1965
56 Winter Keepsakes 1995
57 The Artists Handbook
1985 Reference. DO NOT REMOVE
Ralph Mayer
58 Proportion in Art Harrry Bober. 1954
59 Complete Life Drawing Course D. Constant
60 Zoltan Szabo Paints Landscapes Zoltan Szabo. 1977
61 Sharp Focus Watercolor Painting
62 Renoir; His life, Art and Letters H. Abrams. 1984
63 Private View Robertson, Russell and Snowdon 1965.
64 Monet Gordon Forge. 1983
65 Dutch Treat Poortvliet. 1980
66 Watercolour Your Way Carl Schmaklz
67 The World of Winslow Homer J. Flexner. 1965
68 Norman Rockwell A Sixty Year Retrospect T. Buechner. 1972
69 Seurat Abrams
70 Watercolor Demonstrated Watson-Guptil Publication. 1945
71 Prize Winning Paintings Compiled by Margaret Harold. 1962
72 Toulouse Lautrec Abrams
73 L. Liberte L. Reau (2 copies) 1970
74 Ways with Watercolor Ted Kautzky
75 Painting in Watercolor John C. Pellew
76 Flower Arranging Home and Gardens. 1965
77 Getting Started in Oils B and U. Bagnall
78 The Art of Doing Plaster Techniques Ed: L. De Jonge
79 Painting Faces, Figures & Landscapes Evcerett Raymong Kinstler. 1981
80 Riga (Latvian) Latvian
81 100 of the World’s Most Beautiful
RTV Sales. 1966
82 Bridgeman’s Complete Guide to
Drawing from Life
Weathervane. 1978
83 Seven Centuries of Art Time Life Series
84 American Painting 1900-1970 Ed. Time Life Books
85 The Collected Drawings of Aubrey Beardsley Appreciation by Arthur Symons,
Edited by B. Harris. 1967
86 Russel Flint, Sir William Keith Gardner. 1988
87 Mountain Painter Heaton Cooper
88 Latviesu Paselis (Latvian Pastel Painting) Unknown Author
89 How to Paint with a Knife Waugh. 1971
90 The Norman Rockwell Poster Book Ed by M. Schau
91 Turner Wm Gaunt. 1971
92 Art Anatomy D. Stanley. 1979
93 Painting for Pleasure John Mills. 1977
94 Masterpieces of Latvian Painting Latvijas Izdevnieciba. 1988
95 Karsh by Karsh 1983
96 The Art of Robert Bateman Text by R. Derry. 1988
97 Treasures of the World Nicholas Fry. 1986
98 Janson’s Story of Painting: from
Cave to Modern Times
Janson & D.J. Janson. 1977
99 Oil Painting Techniques & Materials Joseph Mugnaini. 1969
100 Watercolor: Wet Technique John Pike
101 The Group of Seven Mellon. 1970
102 August Renoir 1841-1919, a Dream of Harmony P. Fiest 1987
103 Leonardo’s Inventions Text by Jean Ma