DeCosmos Mission

To provide a venue for artists to meet, socialise and show their work;
To provide monthly demonstrations of various techniques by accredited artists;
To help artists develop skills and acquire or show their knowledge;
To organise art exhibitions so that society members have an opportunity to show their work to the public.

Positions of Responsibility

Members holding positions of responsibility are:

President – Susan Rogers
Past President – Bernice Stearns
Vice President – Mary Unger
Second Vice President – Peggy Schollenberg
Secretary – Carol Popp, Pat Palmer 2nd
Treasurer – Pam Vest
Membership – Ellen Stebbe
Library – Ann Tardiff
Demonstrations – Bernice Stearns
Workshops – Bernice Stearns
Picture hanging at Library/Community Centre – Mary Unger
Promotions – Lynn Page
Open Studio – Margaret Hudson
Phoning – Violet Ewing
Notices by e-mail – Pam Vest
Sunshine – Lois Lane
Archives – Lynn Rattray
Refreshments – Gillian Walker
Website – Ann Jaeckel
OCAC Liaison – Jean Porter
Scholarship/Bursary – Jill Owen-Flood